Consuming Alcohol + Oral Health

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When raising your summer cocktail to say cheers, we are most likely not thinking of our oral health care. Whether its a summer cocktail, wine or champagne, you should understand that alcohol is not a friend to your teeth. Here’s how alcohol can affect your teeth and how to choose your drinks wisely!

Sugar Content: Sugar is a major factor to your risk of tooth decay. The bacteria in your mouth thrive off of sugar. When you sip on sugary drinks you are feeding the bacteria in your mouth. Choosing beverages with less sugar will help! Champagne has typically 8-10 grams of sugar, where a dry white wine can have 3-5 grams per serving.

Dehydration is also another problem – one of the side effects of alcohol! This can lead to decreased saliva flow. Instead of bacteria being washed away by saliva, it remains in your mouth clinging to your teeth! Be sure to balance your drinks with water or bring some gum to chew!

Staining is another potential issue with alcohol. Heavily coloured alcohol can leave stains on your teeth. Alcoholic beverages to be careful with include red wine or sangria. Make sure to brush your teeth when you get home to eliminate stains from settling!

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