The Importance of Cleaning your Tongue

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If you think that brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing daily will prevent you from having dental cavities and gum disease, think again! You are missing one essential factor that determines your overall oral health and that is cleaning or brushing your tongue regularly.

Whether to prevent halitosis (bad breath) or remove bacteria from your mouth, cleaning your tongue is important. Usually, bacteria can hide and accumulate in the crevices and elevations of the tongue. So, if you don’t brush your tongue, the bacteria can proliferate. When this happens, you will also be prone to halitosis, dental cavities as well as periodontal disease.

To achieve optimum oral health, you must brush your tongue at least twice a day, right after you brush your teeth.

In addition to maintaining good oral health, brushing your tongue can help remove the build-up of plaque that dulls your taste buds. A clean tongue will allow you to enjoy your favorite food with enhanced flavor.

At Centre Dentaire Saint-Lambert, we make sure that every part of your mouth is healthy and that includes your tongue too! To learn how to brush your tongue correctly, visit us at our dental office in Saint-Lambert.

– Centre Dentaire Saint-Lambert Team

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