Tooth Decay Prevention Tips

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Tooth decay is one of the most prevalent dental problems in the world. When you have tooth decay, also known as cavities, it is important to seek a dental expert. In addition to regularly visiting your dentist, it is important to take preventative steps.

Here are some important prevention tips that you can follow to avoid tooth decay:

Ensure proper and routine oral hygiene – You must brush your teeth twice a day and change your toothbrush at least every three months.

Flossing is essential – Clean between your teeth with floss once daily or if you have braces, use interdental cleaners.

Healthy Food – Eat a well-balanced meal packed with nutrients and vitamins that can strengthen your teeth and gums.

Use of Fluoride – Fluoride helps prevent cavities and can prevent mineral loss from tooth demineralization.

While prevention can help avoid tooth decay, a professional assessment and checkup from your dentist are necessary at least twice a year. If you need to have your teeth examined, you can visit our dental office in Saint-Lambert, Quebec.

– Dr. Alaby & Associates Team

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