Oral Care Importance During Invisalign Treatment

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Oral care is essential to everyone, but it is significantly important if you’re using Invisalign treatment. When wearing Invisalign, it is important to take care of your oral health. Food residues or debris could get trapped easily in your mouth if the proper care is not taken when wearing your clear aligners. Also, food residues, if not washed away, could also damage or stain your aligners, making it harder for you to achieve your goal of having healthy and beautiful smile.

Here at Dr. Alaby and Associates, we highly recommend that you diligently follow a proper oral hygiene routine to prevent any dental problems and avoid oral complications, which can happen if you neglect in taking care of your oral cavity.

When food particles are caught near tooth surfaces due to poor oral hygiene, the residues can stick to your Invisalign trays too, and these residues can lead to plaque formation. As the bacteria in plaque absorbs sugar from your food, it increases the production of acid in your mouth, which causes gum irritation and teeth erosion. Dental cavities, gum disease, and halitosis would eventually happen.

Keeping plaque under control through proper brushing and flossing of teeth, as well as maintaining aligners clean and in good shape will prevent dental problems. Oral care is important in general and should be a priority if you’re under Invisalign treatment and other forms of orthodontic treatments.

If you have any questions on oral care while wearing Invisalign aligners, please contact our dental team in Saint-Lambert, Quebec. We hope to help you with your oral concerns!

-The Dr. Alaby & Associates Team

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