Wisdom Tooth Extraction Procedure for Healthy Gums

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There are some dental complications that some people are not aware of – it comes out in the form of unbearable pain and swelling. The mandibles third molars are referred to as the wisdom tooth. The wisdom (tooth/teeth) usually erupts in late teens or early youth. Dentists’ call this the ‘third molar’ and it usually emits when a person reaches 16 until he or she is 25.

The Wisdom Tooth Extraction Procedure

Extraction of a wisdom tooth is a healthy tooth extraction, where dentist prepares the patient for a small-operation. Some patients need extra care because they have some other problems like diabetes, high or low blood pressure, asthma or any other health problem.

This extraction requires post-operation attention as well. One of the complications of an impacted wisdom tooth, is as it gets worse, it affects the nerves. This occurs as numbness of the chin, mouth, and tongue. Another problem is cyst or tumour formation. While this can be treated eventually, the healing period is said to be shorter if the condition is taken care of right away.

Remember that it is always in your best interest if your dentist tells you what is needed when it comes to your wisdom tooth and any other information concerning your oral health.

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