Invisalign treatment

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Do your overlapping teeth bother you aesthetically or inconveniently? You can find your smile and teeth aligned with the invisalign treatment. Nevertheless, before considering this treatment it is important to understand how it works.

What is Invisalign treatment?

Invisalign treatment is one of the most advanced treatments in the world. A series of thermoplastic shells are made to measure by computer, in order to move your teeth little by little. Unlike traditional treatment with metal pins, which are evident in the mouth, Invisalign shells are invisible, hence the name.

How it works?

Each shell will perform slight movements and will be changed every 2 weeks. It is possible to remove them for eating and brushing teeth. The shells should be worn for more or less 22 hours a day.

During the treatment, it is the dentist who determines the strength and the moment to move the teeth. By using a digital system called clin check, it is possible in advance to determine the necessary number of shells and the duration of the treatment.

At each phase of the treatment, only one section of teeth is moved at a time until the end of it. The treatment usually lasts 12 months for an adult.

For any other questions regarding Invisalign treatment please contact Dr.Alaby and Associates Clinic.

– Dr. Alaby and Associates Team

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