How Therapeutic Dental Botox Treatment Works

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Therapeutic procedures like Botox can be used for therapeutic dental procedures that are meant to manage chronic disease and alleviate pain resulting from bacterial infection.

Dental Botox comes from Clostridium Botulin. These are a bacterium created in the laboratory which can affect muscles performance.

When botulinum toxin is used in dentistry for the treatment of conditions, such as parafunctional clenching, extracapsular myogenic temporomandibular disorder, associated headaches, it is a new option for symptom relief in patients for conventional use!

Botox use for Teeth Grinding & Clenching

Grinding and clenching techniques can cause some severe damage to both your mouth and jaw; a skilled dentist may recommend tooth restoration options to fix your teeth. But while you may go with the advice later on, you can also get relief and stop further damage right away with therapeutic dental botox. The treatments can rid you of your teeth grinding and clenching problem. This is because when the botox is injected into your jaw muscles, it relaxes them and reduces their powerful force.

It is advisable to undergo the treatment under the experienced and trained doctors’ supervision. You can take the consultation of our team in Saint-Lambert at Dr. Alaby and Associates for the Therapeutic Dental Botox treatment.

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